Founded in 1988, is an orchestral group of soloists who propose through virtuosly performances repertories from chamber to "entertainment" according to the stylistie modules of Central European tradition of the "kaffee-hausen", with the intrinsic richness of the variables of the sound, chronology, custom. The purpose of the group of Cesena is to impose itself as a connection between the so called "cultured" musicand that of more immediate impression, imbued of evocative desirability and exciting rhythm. CAFFE' CONCERTO STRAUSS, unique in its kind, is characterizedby the style wich associates spontaneity, vivacity to technical and executive capacity, result of the mature academic and classical preparation of its members. It held concerts in important traditional theatres, for example: the philarmonic of Verona, Bonci of Cesena. The Theatre of Geneva, Politeama of Lecce,Piccinni of Bari, Alighieri of Ravenna, Regio of Parma, Concert-Hall of the Television of Bucharest, etc., concert-hall, castles and historical villas, very well-known monumental and scenic localities, cruisers, etc. It also held concerts and periodical reviews for important Italian and foreign musical Institutions.CAFFE' CONCERTO STRAUSS went on tours in Europe. It has registered cd, audio and video-cassettes and participates periodically at television programmes of the Italian RAI-TV with a very large success of the critics and the public.