The Association of Musicians "CAFFÈ-CONCERTO STRAUSS" was founded in Cesena in 1988 having the purpose to reveal the mitteleuropean ancestry entertainment which is a part of the Italian cultural tradition for more than one century.

The extreme rich sound of strings (violin solo, violin obliged, cello, bass), the unique expressive variety of woodwinds (flute, clarinet) and of the piano, renders to the ensemble great expressive and virtuous possibilities, and a variety of programs, being able to draw from their own music library more than 4.000 titles of authors from nineteenth and twentieth century. Thanks to the academic elasticity and professionalism of its components, the ensemble is able to articulate from TRIO, to OCTET, and to the most extensive orchestral formation for special events; at the request vocal interprets and a group of dancers are added.

CAFFÈ-CONCERTO STRAUSS, which achieved enthusiastic praise from its very first exhibitions, performed in Italy and aboard: traditional theaters, festivals, reviews of entertainment and culture, national and foreign television broadcasts, tours in Romania, Hungary, Germany , Switzerland, Africa, etc..

The ensemble proposes different initiatives of a guaranteed spectacular feedback:

  • concert in the theater, halls or covered places in general, etc.;
  • "caffè concerto" in evening dress (with the musicians in tails) presents in musical arrangements thematic (or non) sound tracks;
  • festivals, in one place and/or on touring, in daytime or evening, with original anthological or monographic program;
  • promotional events (parties, weddings, conventions, etc.) according to:
    • environment in which they are held;
    • audience to whom they are addressed;
    • preference for just music or music and dance (up to '60).